The £200 skin treatment that tackles sun damage, age spots and thread veins in just three 20-minute sessions - and there are no needles so you can have it on your lunch break


Lumecca is non-invasive IPL treatment targeting pigmentation and thread veins.

The Lumecca™ IPL therapy is a powerful and effective treatment that reduces and removes specific pigments in the skin, from redness and spider veins to discoloured patches.

This popular anti-aging treatment is a quick treatment with visible results after the first one to two sessions.


It is particularly successful in removing age spots (red/brown pigmentation), sun damage, vascular lesions (spider veins, port wine stains, leg telangectasias), rosacea, freckles, acne scarring and melasma. Lumecca™ can be used on any part of the body with excellent results.


The Lumecca™ IPL laser uses photo-thermolysis through the delivery of specific wavelengths of light which interact with red and brown pigments in the skin. These pigments absorb the light and are destroyed, often in one session. Lumecca has a high specificity and selectivity for pigmentation and redness created by sun damage and is one of the most powerful treatments for this purpose.


Lumecca™ can be used on all areas of the body. The most commonly treated areas are those that are most frequently exposed to the sun, i.e. the face, neck, décolletage, legs, hands and arms.

'UV protection is much more encouraged now then it was in the past but sometimes pigmentation and vascular lesions can be hereditary – this is where the Lumecca comes in.
It helps treat any damage that is underlying in the skin whether the skin has been damaged over the years or has been passed down from your parents.'
'Lumecca is the strongest IPL light on the market. In just 1-3 sessions Lumecca improves the appearance of age spots, sun damage, freckles, vascular lesions, port wine stains, rosacea and broken capillaries. Leaving the skin with a more even complexion.
'Lumecca also has some skin tightening properties as the warm light travels down into the skin, helping to promote new collagen and elastin production. This is just an added bonus to an already fantastic treatment.
'Other IPL devices on average take 5-6 sessions to help these skin conditions.
'Lumecca can be used on all areas of the face and body – the most popular being face, chest, arms, shoulders, hands and legs.
'However, it does have some restrictions as it can only be used on Fitzpatrick skin types 1 and 2. It is not suitable for darker skin tones as the IPL may not be able to pick up the pigmentation to the best of its ability.
'A full face Lumecca treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. There is also no downtime with this treatment meaning you can apply makeup straight after. It is a fantastic treatment to have while you pop out on your lunch break.
'SPF must be worn to protect the skin for three weeks following your treatment. Lumecca for any area of the face or body is £200 per session.
Over the following weeks the pigments break down in the skin and the small broken capillaries are cauterised and then disappear.'
A gel is applied to the area being treated. We then apply the handpiece to the skin and work in small sections. We then trigger an intense pulsed light which travels down into the skin. This light picks up brown and red pigments in the skin. The light interrupts these pigments and breaks them up in the skin.
No numbing cream is needed for this treatment because it is very quick – each trigger of the light feels like a warm flick on the skin.
'The Lumecca handpiece has a strong sapphire cooling tip, which helps with patient comfort during the treatment.'

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